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Arthritis is one of most common causes of chronic pain. Physiotherapy can assist you to maintain your independence by safely improving your flexibility, strength and mobility.

How We Can Help 

Don’t let pain stop you from exercising or losing weight! At Free2Move many clients with Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia attend our exercise programmes every week. Our Physiotherapists support them in safely improving their strength, mobility, posture and body awareness without aggravation of pain.

Our Clinical Pilates Studio Programme is the most popular way to begin exercising for people arthritis, because of the benefits of strengthening your core muscles. Our Pilates machines help you build strength safely and gradually, beginning with partial weight bearing exercises (usually done lying down) and progressing to full weight bearing.

arthritisFeldenkrais is the gentlest of the classes we offer at Free2Move and often the best way to begin if you are in a lot of pain. Our clients with various forms of Arthritis have found Feldenkrais extremely helpful for relieving and managing pain. It’s relaxing and enjoyable!

Not sure which exercise programme is best for you? Discuss it with one of our friendly and experienced Physiotherapists.

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