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A woman at her laptop suffering from a headache can get treatment at Free2move Physiotherapy, Pilates and Feldenkrais in North Perth

Habits and Choice

Habits and Choice In our classes we explore the way in which our habits influence our freedom of choice. We all have habits, some of

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three diagrams of a man sitting on a chair, the first 2 are bad posture the last is goog posture

Improving Posture

Find out how the Feldenkrais Method can improves posture and why simply trying to sit or stand straight doesn’t work. Try a simple 3 minute posture exercise.

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A diagram showing a disc bulge or herniation

Recovering from a Lumbar Disc Injury

What is a lumbar disc bulge? disc herniation? disc prolapse? Disc injuries are one of the most common causes of back pain. Recovery often takes longer than with other types of back pain. The pain is usually worsened by prolonged sitting, bending, or simply staying in any one position for too long.

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