Cross Ankles to Improve Alignment, Balance and Walking

Align your ankles, knees and hips and improve your balance and coordination with the Feldenkrais Method. These simple exercises done gentle and mindfully can help improve your gait and put more spring in your step when you go for a walk.

The weight bearing through your bones helps guard against osteoporosis / osteopenia. Great warm up before walking! I’d like to acknowledge Feldenkrais Trainer Ruthy Alon for some of the ideas in this video. Her ideas on bone strengthening and walking more easily and efficiently are brilliant.

HOW TO GET THE MOST BENEFIT: Move slowly and keep the movements very small and smooth. When in doubt always do less and feel more. Pay attention to how you are breathing. Reduce effort and tension. Always stay within the easy and 100% comfortable range, no matter how small that is.Proceed with caution if you have pain or movement issues.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Listen to your body, move slowly and mindfully and never do anything that doesn’t feel comfortable or right to you. This is an intermediate level exercise.

DISCLAIMER: Always seek the advice of a medical professional before beginning any new exercise programme. Jodie Krantz, Free to Move Training and it’s employees and contractors are not liable for any injuries sustained while participating in this exercise programme.