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Improve work place ergonomics

Physiotherapists Jodie Krantz and Alison McIntosh have over 20 and 15 years experience respectively in helping businesses improving work place ergonomics in Perth. Regular clients value their friendly service, great communication skills, and up to date knowledge of locally available ergonomic products.

Jodie and Alison are passionate healthy, safe and happy work places. They understand that your employees are the heart of your business. Ensuring their health and safety not saves money by reducing workers compensations claims. It also fosters loyalty and staff retention.

Ergonomic work station assessments

Ergonomics are a vital aspect of occupational health and safety. Correct set-up of work stations may be the single easiest way to prevent injuries in office workers who use computers. They also help businesses to meet occupational health requirements.

Each work station is assessed while its main user is present. A checklist is completed to ensure equipment meets occupational health and safety standards and is set up in a way that it is safe and comfortable for the user, reducing the risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries / Occupational Overuse Injuries and postural strains.

Items checked include monitor and keyboard height and angle, desk height, correct set up of chair for the user, footrest requirements, location of equipment (such as the mouse and phone) and lighting. Many improvements can be made at the time of assessment simply be changing the position, angle or height of existing equipment and ensuring that they are correctly adjusted for the user.

Jodie and Alison are familiar with a wide variety of options for standing work stations. They fully understand both the limitations and benefits of the different designs available in Perth. Most ergonomic problems can be solved by ensuring that the equipment is suited the needs of the user.

A written report is provided to management for each assessment completed. It details specific recommendations. This includes any equipment to be purchased and where to obtain it. Several options are often suggested, ensuring that staff members will be safer and more comfortable, while being mindful of the need for economy.

Corporate back and posture screenings

man working at desk with bad ergonomics holds shoulder in painBack pain affects approximately 85% of Australians. Neck pain, headaches, arm pain and hip pain are also common in office workers and are frequently associated with long periods of time spent sitting.

In these mini-assessments each staff member books themselves in for a 15 minute consultation, bringing with them a short completed questionnaire, highlighting areas of concern such as back, neck or arm pain. Without the need for undressing, the staff member is assessed for range of movement, muscle and posture imbalances and risk factors for injury at work.

Each individual’s information is kept confidential, but an overall report to management details the types of pain or posture problems the staff are experiencing. A letter of referral may be given to staff members who are advised to seek further medical assessment or treatment for any problems identified in the screening.

Staff education programmes

Sometimes the missing link in workplace injuries is just a lack of knowledge about the way the body works and how simple measures can reduce strain and pain. This education is highly beneficial for employees and employers alike. Preventing injuries at work is in everyone’s interest.

Posture, Back Care and Exercise Workshop

This 3.5 hour long workshop includes educational talks, practical exercises, and interactive learning activities. There is an opportunity for questions and answers and specific issues of staff members may be addressed.

Participation normally requires staff to perform some simple exercises and stretches lying on a mat on the floor. Staff should attend suitable dressed for this.

Topics covered include:

  • Are you fit for your work?
  • The basic anatomy of movement
  • Improving your posture
  • Safe lifting and manual handling practices
  • Quick stretches at your desk
  • Understanding common aches and pains
  • Exercises to release stress, tension and pain

A follow up workshop approximately 3 months later is highly recommended in order to encourage compliance and reinforce learning.

Reducing the Risks of Prolonged Sitting

This 30 minute interactive workshop can be presented in your workplace for up to 15 participants at a time. Thought provoking and motivating, staff will leave with a toolkit of different ways to counteract the health risks of having a sedentary job.

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