a group of 5 men and women laying on their backs holding one knee as part of a Feldenkrais exercise in a big room
Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais Lesson

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lessons – Tips and Pointers

By Jodie Krantz

Before beginning Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement for the first time, it can really help to have  few tips. This will help you get the maximum benefit from the lessons.

Feldenkrais lessons are not intended as a work out. You are neither trying to stretch nor to strengthen your muscles.

Instead you are awakening your natural intelligence and body awareness. The process happens easily when you pay attention to what you are sensing without thinking about it too much.

The purpose of Feldenkrais is learning and the outcome is having a flexible brain. Developing a wide repertoire of movement and behavioural options means you are becoming more resourceful and resilient. In ever changing life, tfhis is true freedom.

Do Less and Feel More

  • Reduce effort and unnecessary tension
  • Stay aware of your breathing – it will quickly tell you if you are working too hard.
  • If it hurts don’t do it. You can still benefit by imagining the movements.


Follow the 3 S’s – Optimize The Learning Process

  • Slow down – moving slowly allows your brain to take in more sensory information per second
  • Smooth out your movements – this helps with coordinated muscle action
  • Small is best – smaller movements ensure your comfort and safety and increase your sensory awareness


Curiosity and enjoyment facilitate learning

Above all, enjoy your lesson. An open and curious attitude is the best approach.