Feldenkrais: Freeing your Hips Part 2

Welcome back! In the second part of this Feldenkrais ‘Awareness through Movement Lesson’ we expand the movements to incorporate some new variations.

These movements help you to learn a more flowing and coordinated way of moving the hips and pelvis, balancing the use of the muscles on the inside and outside of your hip, as well as your lower back and abdominal muscles. This lesson is helpful for people who have developed muscular tightness around the hips, which can result from conditions such hip osteoarthritis or simply from sitting too much.

As always, please leave your comments and questions below as I’ll happily reply. Also please read all the info below before proceeding.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Listen to your body, move slowly and mindfully and never do anything that doesn’t feel comfortable or right to you. This is an intermediate level exercise.

DISCLAIMER: Always seek the advice of a medical professional before beginning any new exercise programme. Jodie Krantz, Free to Move Training and it’s employees and contractors are not liable for any injuries sustained while participating in this exercise programme.