First Term 2018 – Feldenkrais Theme

Each term in our Feldenkrais Classes Jodie and Ali each have a particular focus or theme. The theme carries through a whole term so that participants can explore movement in a more structured and informative way.

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons involve sensing and moving the whole body. Every part of the body is connected to every other part in numerous ways. The arms, legs and feet are connected to each other through the skeleton, through the connective tissue and through the nervous system. All Feldenkrais classes help the whole body to function more efficiently and comfortably, regardless of the specific theme.

Mobility of the Chest and Ribs – Jodie’s Theme

  • Improve breathing – the most fundamental movement of all
  • Discover a more supple chest and spine
  • Reduce strain on the shoulders, neck and lower back
  • Experience a light yet powerful connections of both the arms and the legs to the central axis and ‘core’.
  • Relax deeply


In Jodie’s classes this term we will explore how the chest connects with every other part of the body. Through movement and focused attention we will come to understand why the chest and ribs are so vital to overall functioning.  Participants will discover how and why it’s so common to stiffen this area and what to do to prevent or reverse this.

Of course a stiff chest has a huge impact on breathing and the ability to get oxygen to the tissues. This is especially so while exercising or exerting ourselves. Bracing and stiffening of the chest and ribs often relates to fully or partially holding the breath. The adversely affects health and vitality.

We will begin this term’s classes with a series of undulating movements, which start at the feet and flow all the way along the length of the body to the head. We will use a blanket roller to restore mobility and comfort to the chest and spine. We will then gradually progress through some gentle yet powerful lessons which improve awareness of the chest in all it’s dimensions. Finally we will explore to some more challenging whole body movements lying on the side and the back, all the while taking care to stay in the range that is absolutely safe and comfortable. Movements will be in every plane, including twisting, side bending, flexing and extending.

Softness and Connection in the Hands, Arms and Shoulders-Ali’s Theme

For the first term of 2018 Ali’s focus will be on creating softness and mobility in the body by exploring the connection between the hands, shoulders and chest. The aim for the classes will be on reducing tension through the fingers and hands, finding the connection between the hands and the rib cage, and increasing mobility through the chest and shoulders.

It can be hard to imagine that tense fingers and hands have anything to do with our shoulders, let alone effect mobility through our sternum and chest. Yet so often the stiffness we feel in our shoulders, has everything to do with how we hold and move our hands and arms. And in turn, finding release and mobility in our hands and arms can release tension through our shoulders, collarbone and rib cage.

Ali’s classes will also use awareness through movement to explore how alignment and connection through the lower limbs and pelvis can influence your capacity to find freedom in your upper body