Free Your Neck and Back with Feldenkrais -The Spinal Arches Part 1

Relieve neck and back pain, while improving body awareness, alignment and posture.

In this relaxing Feldenkrais ‘Awareness through Movement’ lesson, Australian Physiotherapist Jodie Krantz leads you through a series of mindful movements that promote more comfortable, efficient and coordinated movement.

In this lesson we explore the relationship between the neck and lower back arches in a way that begins to relieve tension, while softening the thoracic spine, chest and ribs. This helps you to restore the spine’s natural length, allowing effortless upright posture when standing and sitting.

SUGGESTED INSTRUCTIONS: First watch the video, imagining yourself doing the movements smoothly and effortlessly. Then lie down on a comfortable mat, thick carpet or folded blanket and do the movements with your eyes closed, listening to the instructions and paying close attention to the sensations in your body.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Listen to your body, move slowly and mindfully and never do anything that doesn’t feel comfortable or right to you. This is an intermediate level exercise.

DISCLAIMER: Always seek the advice of a medical professional before beginning any new exercise programme. Jodie Krantz, Free to Move Training and it’s employees and contractors are not liable for any injuries sustained while participating in this exercise programme.