a class on the floor doing feldenkrais

Finding Strength Through Softness

DATE: Thursday 28th July 2015, 7.00pm – 9.00pm
PRESENTER: Jodie Krantz, Physiotherapist, Feldenkrais Practitioner and President of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild (WA Division) Read More
VENUE: Mt Hawthorn Community Centre – Lesser Hall – 197 Scarborough Beach Rd Mt Hawthorn
PARKING: The Lesser Hall is downstairs. There is plenty of free parking available outside.
COST: $35 payable to Heidi Sumner
BOOKINGS AND ENQUIRIES: Please email Heidi Sumner at sumnerheidi@hotmail.com or phone her on 0419 140 389
BRING: 2 large towels and an exercise mat or large blanket
WEAR: Comfortable clothing you can move in, warm socks, dress in layer

A Feldenkrais Workshop for Manual Therapists

The Feldenkrais Method, as described in Norman Doidge’s new book “The Brain’s Way of Healing” utilises the brain’s neuroplasticity to help regain more graceful, comfortable and efficient movement. It enhances sensory awareness and results in almost effortless improvement in posture and movement habits, reducing pain and tension.

Physiotherapist and President of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild (WA) Jodie Krantz leads you through an experiential Feldenkrais journey into a new level of bodily awareness, specifically designed to help aromatherapists and massage therapists take better care of their own bodies.

Learn new ways to manage your own pain, tension or posture issues. Discover how to use you body in a more efficient and graceful way. Become aware of habitual patterns that interfere with optimal self-use

Come along and find out how this amazing method works. Discover for yourself how you can reduce strain and effort in your work.

Please dress in layers and wear warm comfortable clothing including socks. Bring 2 large towels and if you have one, an exercise mat or a thick blanket you can lie on.

Agenda for the Evening

7.00pm: Introduction to Feldenkrais and why it’s useful for massage therapists and aromatherapists
7.15pm Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Lesson: The Power of the Pelvis
7.50pm Tea Break / Questions and Sharing from the ATM Lesson
8.00pm ATM Lesson: Easy Arms and Hands
8.35pm Questions and Answers from the ATM Lesson
8.40pm Feedback Questionnaire
8.45pm Completion

Jodie will be available until 9.00pm to answer any remaining questions.

Come along and give your body some well deserved attention!

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