Group doing back and hip Feldenkrais exercises in fitness center

Relieve Lower Back and Hip Pain with Feldenkrais

Exercising with Lower Back or Hip Pain

Lower back and hip pain can make it hard to exercise. The alternative – not exercising – can lead to increasing weakness and stiffness, with a tendency to gain weight.

Even if you have already tried other forms of exercise without success, Feldenkrais is different. The focus during the movement classes is on learning to sense your body movements more clearly. Increasing your awareness of your movement habits is the key. That’s why Moshe Feldenkrais called the classes ‘Awareness Through Movement’

‘When you know what you’re doing you can do what you want’ Moshe Feldenkrais

How Feldenkrais Helps

By reducing effort and shifting your attention to the quality and smoothness of the movement, you discover new ways to move with comfort and ease. As you learn to let go of tight muscles, range of movement in your lower back and hips improves. You compare different movement options and discover what works best for your unique body. Better coordination and control of your muscles brings a sense of effortless power.

Help break the cycle of pain and tension in your lower back and hips by enrolling in our regular Feldenkrais Classes in North Perth. All classes are run by a qualified Feldenkrais Physiotherapist.

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