Are You Activating Your Glutes?

Saturday 3rd July 10 – 11am
Register by 5pm on Friday 2nd July to secure your place
All welcome including family, friends and Feldenkrais ‘newbies’



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10am to 11am


One off class this Saturday 3rd of July

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FREE! Registrations close at 5pm this Friday 2nd July. 


Online only – a link will be sent to all registered participants

When you go up stairs, get up from a chair, walk, run or jump your gluteal (buttock) muscles should be activating. But are they? Many people unknowingly substitute other muscle groups such as the lower back muscles, abdominals or hamstrings during actions where the ‘glutes’ would be far more more efficient and comfortable.

In this Feldenkrais ‘Awareness through Movement’ lesson you while find out for yourself how well you can engage the glutes and whether there are differences between your left and right side. Activating this important muscle group as part of your everyday activities may mean that you don’t need to do special exercises to keep them strong. Improving the awareness of these muscles also helps ensure that any gluteal exercises you do are more effective.

PRESENTER: Jodie Krantz, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Physiotherapist with 30 years experience working with chronic pain and movement dysfunctions.

LOCATION: Online only – a link will be sent to all registered participants

HELPFUL FOR: people with pain or weakness in the lower back, pelvis, hips, knees or feet.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS are invited to attend – all you need is a chair, a place to lie down and an internet connection. This is great way to introduce people you care about to the Feldenkrais Method. Feel free to foward the email to family and friends.

TO REGISTER: Book here, just add to your cart and go to checkout. It’s totally free.  Registrations close at 5pm this Friday 2nd July.