Feldenkrais for Every Body

Saturdays at 10:00am or Mondays at 6:30pm. Price is for the entire series. Late bookings can have the prices adjusted pro-rata but you must arrange it by phone or in person. Please see our terms and conditions for our refund policy.




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SATURDAYS 10:00am – 10:50am


SATURDAYS – 10 weeks from the 12th of October to the 14th of December

MONDAYS 6:30pm to 7:20pm

MONDAYS – 10 weeks from the 14th of October to the 16th of December

How much?

$335 for 10 weeks or $305 if paid before the 20th of September, 2019


117 Angove St North Perth Free parking in adjacent streets

Free Classes offered per Floor Class booking

Terms and Conditions: Your additional free floor class is non-transferable, subject to availability and must be arranged by phone or in person. You can not add it using the cart in this shop. Please include your preference for the free class as a note in check out.

Feldenkrais for Every Body

Led by experienced Physiotherapists and Feldenkrais practitioners Jodie Krantz and Alison McIntosh these classes are suitable for both complete beginners and continuing students of the Feldenkrais Method. The focus is on discovering more comfortable ways to move, reducing effort and increasing awareness of your movement habits. Small classes of no more than 12 participants ensure a high level of personal attention. Many participants in these classes are learning how to reduce pain and tension in the body. Others are interested in finding safer and easier ways to maintain their strength, mobility and flexibility. The movements are usually gentle, but often unusual. This causes you to think about how you habitually use your body. As you find yourself moving in new ways, it results in awakening of new pathways in the brain and nervous system.

Assessment Recommended for Beginners

Those with pain or movement issues are advised to attend an individual Feldenkrais assessment with Jodie or Ali before coming to their first class. This way you can be assured of a safe and comfortable experience at the classes.

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Saturday 10:00am, Monday 6:30pm