Feldenkrais for Stress and Anxiety Classes

Tuesdays at 9.30am. Price is for the entire 10 week series. Late bookings can have the prices adjusted pro-rata but you must arrange it by phone or in person. Please see our terms and conditions for our refund policy.



Class Info


Tuesdays from 9.30am to 10.20am


10 week series from the 15th of October to the 17th of December

How much?

$335 for 10 weeks or $305 if paid before the 20th of September, 2019


117 Angove St North Perth Free parking in adjacent streets

Free Classes offered per Floor Class booking

Terms and Conditions: Your additional free floor class is non-transferable, subject to availability and must be arranged by phone or in person. You can not add it using the cart in this shop. Please include your preference for the free class as a note in check out.

Feldenkrais for Stress and Anxiety Classes

Release anxiety, unwind physical and mental tension and gently ease aches and pains with these very relaxing Feldenkrais classes. Principal Physiotherapist Jodie Krantz leads you through a series of ‘Awareness Through Movement’ lessons based on the Feldenkrais Method. The classes are held at the Chapel Space in North Perth. Lessons are intertwined with relaxation and mindfulness practices. During a Feldenkrais lesson you are guided through a series of movements designed to enhance your awareness of your body. Each week we explore a different movement theme. Most classes begin with a body scan and some test movements, followed by a Feldenkrais lesson. We usually finish each class with a guided relaxation that you can do either sitting or lying down. You need to bring your own Feldenkrais mat as well as 2 thick towels or a blanket to each class. Feldenkrais mats are usually thicker and wider than most exercise mats and are available for sale at Free2Move

In these classes you will:

  • Become more aware of  your tension habits and the way the anxiety and stress manifest in your body
  • Learn to move in a way that releases pain and tension
  • Be guided through relaxation sequences that help to centre you in the present
  • Improve your flexibility, posture and coordination

How Feldenkrais Works to Release Stress and Tension

Each of us develop habitual patterns of muscle tension in response to stress. Some people hunch and tense their shoulders. Others clench or grind their teeth, hold their breath or tighten their lower back.  To let go of pain and tension first you need to become aware or your habits. You can then find alternatives that work better for you. The Feldenkrais Method improves your ability to sense your body. It helps you detect tension and to let it go before it becomes a source of pain. As you become more aware of your body, you learn to move in a way that is comfortable, fluid, effortless and even graceful.

Here is a 2 minute video which beautifully captures the ‘feel’ of Feldenkrais.