Feldenkrais: Rejuvenation Through Movement

Thursdays at 10.30am. This price is for the entire 10 week course. Late bookings can have the prices adjusted pro-rata but you must arrange it by phone or in person. Please see our terms and conditions for our refund policy.



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Thursdays from 10.30am to 11.20am


10 week series from the 17th of October to the 19th of December

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$335 for 10 weeks or $305 if paid before the 20th of September, 2019


117 Angove St North Perth Free parking in adjacent streets

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Feldenkrais Classes: Rejuvenation Through Movement

If you’d like to move, feel, think and even look like when you were younger then these classes may be for you. Jodie’s focus will be on helping you re-discover joy and ease of movement, reclaiming abilities you may have lost years ago.

  • WHAT TO WEAR: Stretchy comfortable clothing, warm socks, avoid skirts
  • WHAT TO BRING: a large thick exercise mat. You’ll also need 2 thick towels or a yoga blanket (or similar)

PLEASE NOTE: Special Feldenkrais mats are available for sale at Free2Move.

Move Younger with Feldenkrais Classes

You’re as young as your movements! While initially this might seem like a far-fetched claim, have a think about it. You can often tell someone’s age not just by the colour of their hair or the texture of their skin, but by the way they move and hold themselves. Consider the way a toddler walks compared with a 10 year old, the way a teenager hops compared with most 40 year olds and the way a 40 year old balances on one foot compared with most 80 year olds. Our movement and posture often deteriorate in midlife and becomes more stereo-typed and habitual. Sometimes due to injury or medical conditions this happens earlier than anticipated and the premature loss of our abilities can be the source of grief.

In this class Jodie will engage you in a process of movement exploration to help you to recover lost movements as well as to improve the quality, ease and grace of movements you use in everyday life. Jodie will invite you to set some movement goals based on the activities you’d like to be able to do more easily. Would you like to be able to walk further or more efficiently, climb stairs quickly or without pain, get up from a low chair more effortlessly or go back to playing tennis? Perhaps you’d like to be able to lift your children or grandchildren more easily, improve your golf swing or simply sit comfortably for the duration of a movie? Bring your wish list to class and Jodie will design a programme that moves you, step by step, towards your goals.

As you learn to move more easily you, pain and tension may also lessen. Most people find that Feldenkrais classes reduce their need for hands-on therapy.

Think Younger with Feldenkrais Classes

Feldenkrais is based on neuroscience. Moshe Feldenkrais was ahead of his time in his depth of understanding of neuroplasticity. The Feldenkrais Method is not only about developing a more flexible body. Moshe’s primary objective was to help people develop more flexible brains in order to ‘restore each human being to their dignity’. The principles employed in teaching the method expand the versatility and capabilities of our brain and nervous system and when you expand your movement repertoire it also has a beneficial effect on cognition. It is now known that activities such as gardening and dancing can help reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s dementia. But Feldenkrais is not just a physical activity it’s also challenges you to think about the complex act of coordinating your body in a different way and this has also been shown to reduce the risk of dementia.

Feel Younger with Feldenkrais Classes

When you learn to move with greater grace and ease and reduce stress and tension in your mind and body you may also find that you feel younger.

Jodie gives the example of one client who experienced a signifcant breakthrough. Prior to attending the Feldenkrais classes she had not even realised the extent to which she had become quite anxious and hesitant about crossing the road. The loss of confidence had crept up on her gradually and therefore escaped her awareness. After a few Feldenkrais lessons she realised that her nervousness had evaporated, to be replaced by confidence in her ability to assess the situation, make a safe decision and move quickly across the road.

Look Younger with Feldenkrais Classes

In this enjoyable series of classes you may also become more aware of habitual patterns of tension in the muscles around your forehead, eyes and jaw. Feldenkrais gives you access to reducing chronic muscular tension, including in the face. This may even give your face a smoother, more attractive appearance.

Another common reported benefit of Feldenkrais is improved posture. Relaxed upright posture looks good and feels good too.