Pilates Beginners Floor Classes

Saturdays at 9:00am. Price is for the entire 10 week series. Mid-term bookings can have the prices adjusted pro-rata but you must arrange it by phone or in person. Please see our terms and conditions for our refund policy.



Class Info


Saturdays 9am to 9.50am

dates and how many?

10 weeks from the 12th of October to the 14th of December

How much?

$335 for 10 weeks or $305 if paid by 20th of September, 2019


117 Angove St North Perth Free parking in adjacent streets

Free Classes offered per Floor Class booking

Terms and Conditions: Your additional free floor class is non-transferable, subject to availability and must be arranged by phone or in person. You can not add it using the cart in this shop. Please include your preference for the free class as a note in check out.

Pilates Beginners Floor Class

Looking for a safer way to improve your posture, mobility and core strength? Learn the fundamentals of Pilates from experienced Pilates Physio Alison McIntosh in our fun, friendly and relaxing Saturday morning classes. These classes are held in North Perth at The Chapel Space.We keep the group numbers small to offer a more personalised service. This ensures you are learning the correct technique and exercising safely right from the beginning. The classes are especially suitable for those who have mild to moderate pain or movement difficulties or medical issues. We also welcome pregnant and post-natal women.


If this is your first time in a Pilates class, or you have any pain or movement issues, we recommend you book in to see one of our Physios for an assessment.

What to bring and wear

Once you are enrolled for classes at The Chapel Space in North Perth, you will need non-slip socks, a pilates mat and some comfy clothes! These are available for purchase at the Free2Move office, 150 Vincent St, North Perth.