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three diagrams of a man sitting on a chair, the first 2 are bad posture the last is goog posture

Improving Posture

Find out how the Feldenkrais Method can improves posture and why simply trying to sit or stand straight doesn’t work. Try a simple 3 minute posture exercise.

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woman sleeping in, disabling alarm clock

Feldenkrais and Insomnia

Feldenkrais and Insomnia The Problem of Insomnia Insomnia (difficulty sleeping) is incredibly frustrating experience. Discomfort while lying down can not only hinder your ability to

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Physiotherapist Jodie Krantz instructing a woman on the Pilates reformer doing the scooter exercise

Free2Move Exercise Rehab and Pilates Classes – Frequently Asked Questions

Pilates is a system of body conditioning, which helps improve posture, strength, flexibility and core stability. The carefully controlled stretching and strengthening exercises in Clinical Pilates often involve stabilising one part of the body, while moving another part. This helps you to build up the awareness, strength and endurance in your deep or ‘core’ muscles so important to good posture and comfortable efficient movement.

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