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Jodie Krantz on the floor of Free2move pilates studio on her back with her hands lifted showing a way to release shoulder tension.

Feldenkrais: Freeing the Neck and Shoulders

In this short video Australian Feldenkrais Physiotherapist Jodie Krantz demonstrates a flowing sequence of movements that help you discover feel how the neck, shoulders and chest can function in a more integrated and harmonious way, to bring relief of pain and stiffness.

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Jodie Krantz lying on a blanket with arms by her side and neck to one side in the Feldenkrais studio at Free2move

Finding Symmetry: Neck and Back Release

In this lesson you will lie on a blanket roller, gently exploring movements of the two sides of the body in a way that helps to improve your flexibility and symmetry while normalising muscle tone and releasing tension in your neck, back and all along your spine. I find it really helps me sense my central axis more clearly, improving my posture and alignment.

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Jodie Krantz lying on her side on a mat with one arm out to the side and the other sliding along top of if in the Feldenkrais studio at Free2move

Expanding Reaching and Turning

The exercises in this video are an abbreviated version of a full Awareness Through Movement Lesson. The Feldenkrais Method is a wonderful way to improve movement, release pain and tension and enhance well-being.

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