TROUBLESHOOTING: If you are having problems, things to check:

Installing Zoom – Did you download and install the Zoom app on the laptop/tablet/phone you’ll be using in the class? If it’s not installed on that device, by clicking the above link from your device it will first give you the option of installing Zoom (we recommend this) or (if installing the Zoom app is not possible for any reason) you can just simply use your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc) to go to the Zoom website and join the meeting (this doesn’t give the best experience but still works) in your browser without the Zoom app installed.

Logging into Zoom – If you have taken our recommendation and installed the Zoom app, clicking on the link (once, and give it time) above will cause the Zoom app to load automatically. You have 3 ways to log in a) by using your Facebook account. b) by using your Google account. c) by using your Zoom login details. If you don’t have a Zoom account yet then you’ll need to sign up with Zoom for free. Look for the “Sign Up” button at the Zoom login box (usually on the upper or lower right side of the box). Make sure you give your real name when asked so we can identify you.

Enable your Video and Audio for Tablets and Phones – If you are using an iPhone, iPad or Android device and the Zoom app is installed, before clicking on the above link, close all apps and check your device is not on silent or airplane mode, then open the Zoom app. In Zoom go to Settings (little cog down the bottom) > Meetings > and make sure “Always Turn Off My Video” and “Always Turn Off My Microphone” and “Safe Driving Mode” are all disabled and “Auto-Connect to Audio” is set to “Use Internet”. Then return back to “Home” (for iPad/iPhone) or “Meeting and Chat” for Android. Then you can either hit +Join and enter the Meeting ID given below the link above, or quit Zoom and click on the link in the email. Once in the Zoom meeting, to enable your Video (if you cant see me or we cant see you) tap anywhere on the screen and up will come a microphone and video icon down the bottom. You need to Join with Video and Join with Audio for each.

Enable your Video and Audio for MacOS and Windows (including MS Surface tablets) – Before clicking on the link above, open the Zoom app you have just installed and look for the little Settings cog > Video > check all your settings here, they are self explanatory. Then go to Audio and check your settings, make sure “Always mute microphone when joining meeting” is not enabled. Close settings and either +Join our meeting with the Meeting ID given below the link above or close the Zoom app and click on the link from your email and let it re-open Zoom automatically straight into the waiting room. Once in the Zoom meeting you will see a microphone and video icon down the bottom, make sure you have set Join with Audio from computer and Join with Video to on.

Remember even though you have now set your microphone to be on as you join, we have it set to mute from our end to have control of it so you don’t disrupt the class by mistake. If you want to speak, make sure your video is on and put your hand up, we’ll un-mute you.

Once this is all set then you wont have to do it again and it will be a lot easier to connect. If you’re still having problems call our admin staff and we may be able to help.