Joint Replacement

  • Surgical procedure for chronic severe joint pain
  • Replacement with prosthetic
  • Loss of muscle strength and mass has usually occurred
  • Most frequent procedures are THR and TKR

Total Hip Replacement (THR)

  • Frequent procedure in elderly population
  • May be done for OA or RA or hip fracture
  • Aim is to decrease pain and improve mobility and function
  • Partial – (hemi-arthroplasty) or full


Risk of dislocation for approx 3 to 6 months post-operatively

  • Anterior approach – avoid extension and abduction and external rotation
  • Posterior approach avoid flexion above 90 and adduction / internal rotation

Functional movements: what to avoid

  • Sitting in a low chair (use wedge cushion)
  • Lying on side – pillow between knees
  • Avoid crossing legs over midline

Hip surgery recovery steps

  • Carefully following the specific rehabilitation program provided your surgeon and his team
  • Avoiding repetitive heavy lifting
  • Avoiding excessive stair climbing
  • Maintaining appropriate weight
  • Staying healthy and active
  • Avoiding impact-loading sports such as jogging, downhill skiing and high impact aerobics
  • Consulting your surgeon before beginning any new sport or activity
  • Thinking before you move
  • Avoiding any physical activities involving quick stop-start motion, twisting or impact stresses
  • Avoiding excessive bending when weight bearing, like climbing steep stairs
  • Not lifting or pushing heavy objects
  • Not kneeling
  • Avoiding low seating surfaces and chairs