Here are some testimonials from our clients.

‘I have tried many ways over the years to manage my pain, but since doing Pilates I have had more pain free days and less pain filled days. I haven’t felt this great in ages.’
– Marie Ottrey


‘Feldenkrais and Joint Hyper Mobility are a wonderful combination in my experience. It’s given me pain free weeks after endless years of pain, has taught me about my safe range of motion and offered me the ability to hear what my body is telling me when I move.’– Onno Benschop


‘A huge thank-you to Julie and Jodie for helping me with my recovery. Their patience, expertise and consideration to my needs is hugely appreciated.’
– Nicole Walker


‘I found the classes very beneficial for pain relief and strengthening. Looking forward to continuing.’
– Hayley Cliff


‘Great level of attention given. Variety of exercises is a plus. Will be carrying on floor classes and may return to studio classes at a later date.
– Benji Dzienciol


‘I have so enjoyed the classes – after a class I feel like I’ve just had an hours massage to release the tension. In addition, the lower back aches have diminished almost entirely – and that is with being slack and doing very little outside of class.’
– Sue Smith


‘Greater flexibility of back and neck. Very relaxing. I find Jodie’s explanation about the reasons why certain movements work very interesting.’
– Robyn


‘I have been attending Jodie’s classes for 2 years and I am always learning something new. I find Jodie’s instruction in her classes have helped me greatly. I am now able to lift weights correctly without doing damage to my body and my flexibility has improved as well.’
– June Keil


‘Stronger, more flexible, more comfortable – thank you Loretta’ – Nick Stark


‘Great stretch every week. Gets out all the kinks’ – JD


‘At 64 and never an exercise person I have been going to Pilates for 2 years. The program helps me to cope with chronic pain and stiffness, making it possible for me to get moving of a morning. The classes are fun and casual but completely professional. Jodie is a great teacher.’ – Janet Burgin


‘My body seems to have lost it’s bloatedness and sense of being fat. Thanks Loretta’ – JT


‘Excellent – love it’ – Rachelle Teune


‘Clear, easy to follow instructions. Jodie is very helpful and exercises are most beneficial.’ – FS


‘Essential to keeping me supple and aligned’ – Margaret Doust


‘My hips, back and knees were feeling the effects of ageing. Jodie knows her stuff and the sessions have helped me to be able to move freely and effectively again. The progress has been amazing. Having some simple exercises I can do at home everyday has helped me to maintain the progress.’ – Clara Pound


‘Brilliant. I love coming every week. Thanks Jodie – the indiviudal attention is much appreciated!!’ – Bonnie Mitchell


‘Really enjoyed the studio classes and have definitely felt an improvement in strength and general wellbeing.’ – Frith Hart


‘I have really enjoys Pilates on the Ball classes. I have found they have helped my flexibility a lot.’ – Terry Harris


‘Enjoyed the exercise – it feels easy (sometimes!) but you know it is good for you. Particularly liked the individual attention despite a large class and happy to re-explain things if needed.’ – Shendelle Mullane


‘I love the classes. It’s lots of fun and over the 3 terms I’ve been coming I’ve really come to understand how my body moves and the muscles I need to engage to keep my spine and other joints protected. I’m amazed at how much my core muscles have developed too – amazing! And so proud!’ – Mel Strang


‘Over the past few years I have attended Jodie’s classes in Clinical Pilates, Pilates on the Ball and Feldenkrais. Jodie’s approach has always been very professional and informative, with individual guidance where necessary. The health benefits have been enormous and the classes thoroughly enjoyable.’ – Ann Fricker


‘A fantastic class for stretching and strengthening those ‘bits’ we often neglect! What a difference attending the class makes to how good you feel.’ – Giselle Fabling


‘Love the classes’ – Kate Mitchell


‘I have enjoyed my introduction to Pilates and I will certainly use these gentle exercises in my fitness regime. Jodie’s background as a Physio ensures a safe and enjoyable experience.’ – Christine Zelinka


‘I’ve found the classes useful with providing opportunities to keep my flexibility and stretching going. I love the fact that the class works on all parts of the body. Thanks Jodie for your friendly and helpful manner. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the classes.’ – Helen Hastie


‘Very good instruction. Professional approach.’ – Lorna


‘Just keep the classes running. Great!!’ – Greg Baker


‘I have lived with daily pain for so long that I cannot adequately express the feeling of “no pain” and “quality movement”. The no pain moments are extending to longer periods of time and I truly relish it. If it makes any sense, Feldenkrais has helped me to develop space between my body and movement, whereas movement used to impact so greatly on my physical body and, in turn, my state of mind. My overall wellbeing is greatly enhanced by this one hour at the loft each week. Cheers!’
– Mandy Roney


‘I really enjoy the classes – they are very relaxing and have significantly improved my hip pain.’– Chris Larke
‘Made a big difference to my movements and mind-set.’ – Naomi Denton ‘Ability to move has increased, some flexibility to do things has improved. Great to be able to get down to floor level and get up again.’ – Shelley Findlater


‘Very helpful to take the strain off injuries.’– Geoffrey McQuillan


‘I have found the Feldenkrais approach to movement in everyday life an excellent way of re-programming the thought of how to move. Being gentler on the body whilst stimulating the mind.’– Bec Hall


‘Thank you so much for making my life easier. The ‘Lazy Archer’ is an amazing move and has made a huge difference to my nights. It is no longer and Olympic event to turn over. By being more aware I can make small adjustments to help reduce pain and strain.’– Ellen Stoodley


‘I am so much more flexible now, thanks to Feldenkrais. Because such small movements are made, this is not an intimidating form of exercise. It is wonderful!’– Anne White


‘More flexibility, less headaches!’– Vanessa


‘Jodie’s excellent teaching ability has been so evident in each class as she prepares us with knowledge about our bodies, taking us step by step through each technique. The awareness I have gained of my posture, movement and general idiosyncrasies has helped me each day. I love the whole approach that Feldenkrais brings to understanding and changing the way I live, breathe and move.’– Linda Blythe


‘I’ve found new ways of performing movements that were often painful before. The classes were not only beneficial, but enjoyable too’– Rita


‘I have found the course of high value – a tremendous learning experience. Also a very good stress relief.’– Paul


‘I’ve had ongoing back and neck problems for around 18 years. When I’ve had the opportunity to practice Feldenkrais it’s really helped. Jodie’s classes in particular have been most helpful – I remember my first class – I felt light and ‘good’ for days afterwards and have been able to keep it up. She has a great easy style.’– Theo Nabben