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A woman trying to touch her toes suffering from tight hamstrings

Lengthen Your Hamstrings

Lengthen Your Hamstrings Are your hamstrings long or short, tight or relaxed? Lengthening your hamstrings can help with running, kicking, sitting, bending and lifting more

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A diagram showing a disc bulge or herniation

Recovering from a Lumbar Disc Injury

What is a lumbar disc bulge? disc herniation? disc prolapse? Disc injuries are one of the most common causes of back pain. Recovery often takes longer than with other types of back pain. The pain is usually worsened by prolonged sitting, bending, or simply staying in any one position for too long.

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a group of 5 men and women laying on their backs holding one knee as part of a Feldenkrais exercise in a big room

Learning easy graceful movement through Feldenkrais

Feldenkrais is about the impossible becoming possible, the possible
easy and the easy graceful. Difficulties such as aches and pains or limitations in our strength, flexibility or coordination can motivate us to find new ways of moving that reduce the strain and restore a sense of

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